Roving Blue O-Pen™ Tactical Black

Roving Blue O-Pen™ Tactical Black

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TSA approved to bring on board, the Roving Blue O-Pen™ is an advanced, pen-sized water purification system. It allows you to drink water from any tap worldwide and ensures that you won't get sick from microbes in the water. The O-Pen™'s applications are limitless, from the medical and dental fields to travelers unsure of the tap water in their hotel rooms, cruise ships, or foreign restaurants, the O-Pen™ gives you peace of mind. 

The O-Pen™ Tactical Black has the same superior technology as the O-Pen™ Silverwhile sporting a rugged exterior designed for the budget traveler and the active outdoor enthusiast.

Advanced Technology
The O-Pen™ is an advanced, patented device housed in a black metal cartridge.

It will purify .5 L or 16 oz. of water in under one minute.

Ultra Portable
The O-Pen™ weighs only 1.2 oz. (30 g).

No Waste
Rechargeable battery w/ USB cable included. Purifies approximately 15 liters per charge (about 30 uses)

You CAN drink the water!

The O-Pen™ makes water safe by infusing it with tiny bubbles of ozone gas.

Approved by the FDA and the USDA for use in drinking water, ozone is more powerful than chlorine and is highly effective against bacteria, viruses, giardia, cryptosporidium, typhoid fever, coliform, dysentery, cholera, infectious jaundice, hepatitis, influenza virus, e-coli, enteric and many other dangerous microorganisms.

Ozone also removes unpleasant tastes and odors – you won't be able to tell the difference between your glass of tap water and bottled water.

Notes from Yana's travels: 

When I was in India and the Middle East, I noticed that the O-Pen™ and the OZO-Pod didn't seem to be working as well.  Then I realized that the water we were being given for our demonstration of the products were all the result of Reverse Osmosis + UV systems or R/O + filtration systems, both of which result in very pure water.  Water without any impurities, or TDS, is not that good conductor of electricity so it is low on conductivity.  Our pens and pods use electrolysis to make ozone, meaning they use electricity.  So if the conductivity of the water is low, the output of ozone will be low.
The good news is, if you simply add a pinch of table salt (or better yet Himalayan sea salt with all its good minerals & salts), and the O-Pen™ and Ozo-Pod will make ozone like crazy, because those ions will help conduct electricity.

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